The Flick design system

Together with Kah Chan, Sophie Price, Everton Fragoso, and various other friends at Flick, we built a bespoke design system that serves more than 7 front-ends.

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  • Majority of the front-end development
  • Front-end team lead, and mentor.
  • Development of the static site, using Middleman.
  • Rollout of package releases
  • Implementation of releases in the various front-ends
  • Migration of Rails front-ends to support our package releases


  • Kah Chan, Product designer
  • Sophie Price, Senior Designer
  • Everton Fragoso, Full-stack developer

Observations and insights

  • Framework-agnostic pattern libraries are more portable
  • People drive design systems within companies more than the tech
  • Communicating breaking changes is a vital responsibility of any code library
  • Using arbitrary breakpoints is less valuable than making components responsive without media queries