Lil Regie's Workshop & Website

Lil Regie had a design done by Tim James for their new site, and they wanted a CMS-powered website to go with it. So I set about making a pattern library, which we called Lil Regie's Front-end Workshop. The Workshop included a static representation of the homepage, which was later used in their live site.

Check out Lil Regie's Workshop


  • Cross-browser testing
  • Documenting all the components used in the Pattern library
  • Building a bespoke pattern library with Middleman


  • Tim James (designer)
  • Steve Hoeksema (CTO)
  • Juri Hahn (Senior developer)
  • The rest of the Lil Regie team

Observations and insights

  • StimulusJS is a smart and friendly library to work with
  • CSS custom properties continue to blow my mind
  • CSS Grid's named template areas have amazing adaptability
  • GitHub's private NPM registry and GitHub Actions work well