ZX Security's website

While working at Ackama, the ideal project happened my way: A Jekyll-driven static site for a great little IT security company.

Check out ZX Security


  • Low-fideltiy design exploration with Marc
  • Translation of existing flat content to a Jekyll data-driven system
  • URL audit and mapping of existing content to new content
  • Content modelling in Jekyll using a combination of markdown and YAML.
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Front-end development, testing.
  • Progressive-enhancement techniques used and PWA foundations set.


  • Marc McHardy (Lead Designer)
  • Chris Hails (Content)
  • Simon Howard (Owner)
  • Kim Partridge (Project management)

Observations and insights

  • It was rewarding working with a tech-competent client, who had an existing workflow for publishing their site content.